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Shanghai audiences love us too!

Thrilled to get such amazing 5-star and 4-star reviews from the Shanghai audiences who watched our film at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival and loved it.

It's so good! The ending is not sudden but a gradual buildup of events throughout the film. I really like this method of storytelling, it seems that it is really a scene from real life, rather than story of a film.

An Indian drama with exotic flavours. Not everyone gets a happy ending but the scenery on the road is great, and in the end, its those who escape the fire that are actually burnt.

It's pretty good-looking. The carefulness, cunning, joy and anger of ordinary people are portrayed quite well, its so real that I feel like I am looking at myself and my family.

A profound comedy where laughter and tears co-exist.

Each of the characters finds their own way home and so do we!

Funeral, debts, secret affairs, surprise pregnancy, caste differences - this and many other conflicts and subplots keep this film interesting. The film has a great pace and has a nice balance between young and old characters.

This film should be seen by everyone. Love the feminist angle of storytelling!

A great road film with elements of joy and sorrow combined.

The film is a slice of life - original, raw and just like life, it is full of unexpected events.

This film succeeds as a great road film! In each character’s journey, we lose a part of ourselves but discover another part of our selves which we had lost before. In a way, just like the characters, we journey through time - splicing, regenerating and moving towards a new life.

The film shows a lot of contemporary Indian customs and the soundtrack is amazing. There are so many nice subplots that I wish the film could have been longer and we could have stayed with the characters a bit more.

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